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Worship Services

Sunday Worship at Faith Lutheran Church – Services are held every Sunday at 10 a.m.  Holy Communion is normally celebrated on the first, third, and fifth Sundays of the month and on festival Sundays.

Festival Sundays commemorate special occasions in the life of the Church.

Reformation Sunday commemorates Martin Luther’s posting of 95 Theses on the door of the castle church in Wittenberg, Germany.  This act eventually led to the Protestant Reformation.

All Saints Day is when we honor and remember those who, in death, have joined the Church Triumphant.

Christ the King Sunday celebrates the all-embracing authority of Christ as King and Lord of the cosmos.  It also marks the end of the Church year. 

Sunday Worship Volunteer Positions and Duties

In addition to the Pastor and musicians, Sunday worship involves up to a dozen other volunteers each week.  We can always use more helpers, so please make your availability known to the church office by calling 513-523-3808 or send us an e-mail.  

To schedule a time to participate in any of the roles for our worship services, and view the entire calendar, click here.

Ministry of Welcome


The first priority of a greeter is to make everyone who enters our building for worship or Sunday School feel welcome and wanted!  The only preparation needed is a warm smile and a nametag.  Greeters should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of worship, with one greeter stationed in the lower lobby and the other in the narthex.  Stand near the entrance and say hello to all who enter.  Be prepared to guide visitors to restrooms, the water fountain, the nursery, and Sunday School classrooms. 


The principal duty of an usher is to help people feel comfortable in worship.  Arriving at least 15 minutes before worship and greeting people as they enter the sanctuary is a primary task.  This includes handing out bulletins and directing people to the nametag table (and the activity bags for young children).  Encourage worshippers to be seated once the prelude starts.  Ushers should take a head count once worship has begun so we can track attendance.  (Forms for this purpose are available in a folder on the table, and completed forms should placed in an offering plate.)   Pass the offering plates at the designated time and, during Communion services, hold trays of glasses to assist with the distribution of the sacrament. 

Ministry of Worship

PowerPoint Operator:  

We use the computer screens to display announcements prior to the start of the worship service and to display the words for liturgy and songs.  This task is not difficult, since everything is already downloaded onto the computer.  Once the service has started, keeping alert and advancing the slides are the primary elements of the job. 

Assisting Minister:  

Reading the scripture lessons aloud in worship invites all to hear the Word of God.  The assisting minister receives a copy of the scripture lessons and suggested prayers in advance.  Assisting ministers are invited to create their own prayers or edit the ones provided. Pastor Logan is available to help.  Some prayer requests are printed in the weekly bulletin, and others come from the congregation on prayer slips.  All of these should be included in the spoken prayer.  After worship, please place the prayer slips on the office manager’s desk.  The assisting minister also reads the offertory prayer and a prayer after communion.  (These will be indicated in italics in the bulletin.)

Altar Preparer:  

Please bring a round loaf of Hawaiian bread for communion.  Duties include setting up for the sacrament of Holy Communion and cleaning up afterward.  There are photos of the process posted in the sacristy to guide everyone who sets the altar.  If you haven’t done it before, someone who has experience will be glad to assist you.  The person who prepares the altar generally carries the bread and wine up to the altar following the offering.  Washing the communion ware and the glasses completes this ministry. 


The acolyte should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the worship service to robe (except in hot weather) and prepare to light the candles.  Robes and candle lighters are kept in the closet behind the computer.  Students in Confirmation classes receive instructions from the pastor concerning the order in which candles are to be lit and extinguished.  After lighting the candles, the acolyte sits next to the pastor on the bench behind the pulpit and, during the offertory, takes the offering plates from the hands of the pastor and places them on the credence table under the cross.  During Holy Communion the acolyte holds one of the trays to receive empty glasses.

Ministry of Hospitality

Refreshment Provider:  

Sharing light refreshments following worship brings people together and provides fellowship opportunities.  Simple crackers, cheese, fruit, cookies, or other light snacks are appropriate.  You are welcome to brew coffee if this has not already been done.  A Kroger gift card is available from the church office if you need help covering expenses.  The church buys paper products in bulk, and they should be at the coffee counter.  Setting up, cleaning up, and receiving gratitude all are a part of this ministry. 

Nursery Assistant:  

This person is available in the nursery to fill in when the nursery caregiver needs to step out of the room.  Children in the nursery are not to be left by themselves.  Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before the beginning of the service.  Adults who fill this role will need to have had a background check. 



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