Church Building

Governing the Use of Facilities

Building Use Application

These rules and regulations apply to any organization or individual desiring to use the facilities of Faith Lutheran Church. Church facilities include the building, grounds, and equipment. All requests for usage must be accompanied by a completed “Application and Permit for Use of Church Facilities” and will be handled through the church office. Congregational activities and Lutheran Campus Ministry program shall have priority use of the facilities at all times. Adult Day Care Service has priority use of the Fellowship Hall during operating hours (Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm).

General Rules:
  1. The primary use of Church facilities is for church-related program groups, or activities that can be considered a part of the congregation’s ministry.
  2. Usage by outside groups does not imply endorsement of the group or its purpose by the church. Event advertising should clearly reflect this policy.
  3. For other than church-related programs there shall be no tickets sold, solicitation of funds or fees charged on the church property. All persons shall have free unrestricted entrance and exit from the church building.
  4. One time requests may be approved by the Pastor, Office Manager, or church Council President. Ongoing usage requires approval by the Property Committee or Church Council.
  5. All facilities and equipment must be left in the condition found. Any damages must be reported promptly to the church Office.
  6. If your meeting is canceled, please notify the church office promptly.
  7. No food or drink may be served or consumed in any areas other than the Fellowship Hall, Lobby, and Courtyard.
  8. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted.
  9. Any group using Faith Lutheran Church facilities for the first time will be expected to make a representative available for orientation.
  10. Requests for exemptions to any policy or waiver of fees must be made in writing to the Pastor.
  11. Date of submission determines priority of multiple reservations that are received for concurrent time(s).
  12. A funeral, including service and viewing will take priority over any scheduled events. Parties involved will be notified by the church office staff as soon as possible.
Facilities available for use:
  1. Sanctuary – since this space is primarily intended as a center for Christian worship, a representative of the congregation is to be on hand any time the sanctuary is used by an outside group. This representative may be a member of the congregation who belongs to the outside group. If no member of the congregation is a member of the group or that member is not available to attend, a staff person or custodian will attend the event and will be reimbursed at the standard hourly rate for his or her attendance.
  2. Fellowship Hall
  3. Kitchen
  4. Lobby
  5. Sunday School rooms
  6. Korte Lounge
  7. Chapel
  8. Courtyard/Amphitheater and grounds
Facilities may be used by the following:
  1. Church members and their immediate families
  2. Church sponsored groups and organizations
  3. Non-church members or groups for suitable non-profit-seeking activities
Procedures for use of the facilities:
  1. Initial application may be made through the church office by phone or personal visit. However, a completed and signed “Application and Permit for Use of Church Facilities” must be completed and approved before any event or activity can be scheduled.
  2. At the time of scheduling an event or activity, plans for the physical arrangements and specific needs of the event must be discussed with the Pastor or Office Manager and noted on the “Application and Permit for Use of Church Facilities.”
Procedures for use of equipment:
  1. Equipment needs for the event must be specified on the “Application and Permit for Use of Church Facilities.”
  2. Equipment is not to be removed from the building except for authorized loaning of items to other organizations or for use by church members for the conduct of church sponsored meetings in their homes or other designated places. Equipment on loan from the church is limited to 48 hours for each separate event. Scheduled church activities may necessitate the earlier return of loaned equipment. Sanctuary furnishings are not available for loan.
Church organ usage:
  1. Authorized users – only those persons authorized by the Pastor, Church Council, or Worship Committee Chairperson, in consultation with the church organist – shall be permitted to use the organ. The use of another organist for a special service is acceptable.
  2. Special use circumstances:
    1. Weddings and funerals
    2. Any other special service not of a regular nature.
    3. Personal use –the organ is available for personal use under the supervision of the church organist when approved for the purpose above (6a).
  1. No charges are to be made to Church member initiated or Church sponsored groups or events for the use of the facilities. Donations are encouraged.
  2. Charges for using the facilities for non-church members and organizations:
    1. Nonmember wedding service in sanctuary --$200 (This fee includes the use of other upstairs facilities, but not the Fellowship Hall and kitchen.)
    2. Sanctuary for meeting or activity --$50 (additional charge of $25 for use of piano).
    3. Fellowship Hall --$50
    4. Fellowship Hall and kitchen --$100
    5. Lobby, Courtyard, or Korte Lounge --$30
    6. Classrooms --$20 per room

A security deposit of $100 may be required and will always be required for the use of the church kitchen or if food is brought into the facility from outside. This deposit applies to members and non-members who are using the facilities. In either case, a custodian or designated church member must be present during the event, reimbursed at the rates listed in this document.

Groups using the facilities on a regular basis (e.g. weekly or monthly) may, with the approval of the Church Council, negotiate long-term rates.

The cost of supplies, (i.e.) coffee, paper products, etc., is not included in building fees.

Custodial costs are not included in building fees. Custodial fees are charged at the current hourly rate plus a one-time fee of $25. If no custodial work is needed, there is no fee.


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